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Finlux 32FLD760 32 Inch LCD TV With TV Stand

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This product is currently sold out. Please click below to find similar products or call our sales team on 0871 984 4420 for an equivalent model.

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This bundle includes :

Finlux 32FLD760 32 Inch LCD TV

1 x Easycom Universal LCD & Plasma Oval TV Stand up to 32 Inch
Back in stock!
Building on their reputation for quality, Finlux now introduce their latest design of LCD TVs.
With attention to detail through design and specification, the new generation 760 range offers the best value LCD TV to come to market, offering SRS Trusurround sound, high contrast ratios and Freeview accross their range.
  • 32inch Widescreen LCD Panel
  • 550cd/m2 Brightness
  • 15000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • 1366x768 Screen Resolution
  • 8ms Respose Time
  • HD Ready
  • Integrated Freeview
  • Wall  Bracket Included - worth £50
  • Digital Progressive Scan
  • 1000 Page Teletext
  • 178°/178° Viewing Angle
  • Remote Control
  • 2 x Integrated Stereo Speakers
  • SRS Trusurround XT
  • Digital Colour Enhancement
  • 1000 Page Teletext

  • 1 x RF
  • 2 x HDMI
  • 2 x Scart Connection
  • 1 x Composite In
  • 1 x VGA
  • 1 x Component In
  • 1 x Headphones Connection

    Wall Mounting
  • Wall Mountable: Yes
  • Spacing: 400 x 200mm
  • See Recommended Accessories for suitable brackets

  • Dimensions (WxHxD) : 804 x 602 x 210mm
  • Speaker Output: 2 x10w
  • 1 Year Collect and Return Warranty
  • Weight 16.1kg

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Comments, Questions and Answers

Expand/CollapseGeneral Feedback

22-Oct-2007 ian: Hi how you would rate the tv compared to leading brands such as the Panasonic TX-32LMD70,Samsung LE32R87BDX and the Toshiba 32C3035DB many thanks

buyitdirect: Other manufacturers are well-known but they all have a similar build quality.

29-Oct-2007 PunkDad: Hi. This is very tempting as I have a Scandinavian-quality Finlux CRT but have been warned this is a low-rent LCD built in turkey by a firm who bought the Finlux brand name.

buyitdirect: You ar eright to a degree, this is the leading brand of TV in Scandinavia. The Finlux brand is owned by Europes largest TV manufacturer, who just so happens to be based in Turkey ( they also manufacture for Sharp and Toshiba) As for low rent model, this is of a far higher spec than many of the major brands and will stack up well along side Sony or Samsung. (build quality is far higher than Samsung. At this price you will not get anything as good for less than £500

10-Nov-2007 Jimc: Is there a matt or gloss finish on this model ? thanx

buyitdirect: Yes.

10-Nov-2007 Jimc: do you get the 5 year warranty with the bundle offer, or only if you buy the tv on its own?

buyitdirect: You can buy altogether but will not get the bundle discount.

28-Dec-2007 steve: i notice this product has a intergrated freeview box does the tv have a slot for top up tv cards or setanta sports cards or would you still need a seperate reciever many thanks

buyitdirect: no it doesn't have a slot

11-Mar-2008 ADY: Hi, is this tv in gloss black finish??? also i have just bought a 32" samsung LE32S86BD and i'm not very impressed with the picture quality(cant seem to get the contrast or colour right) is this t.v better than the samsung?? Also do you have many in stock??

buyitdirect: It has a gloss surround. the Samsung S86 is a european, not UK spec TV not very good quality. it is in stock

Expand/CollapseBuying Advice

31-Oct-2007 Dale: Hi, which would you recommend this version or the same model with the 5 year guarantee? I was thinking about the Hannspree but there seems to be nothing but bad reports on it mainly suffering a halo effect and red fringing. Any truth to these reports??

buyitdirect: I personally would go for the warranty for the peace of mind, but it's down to personal choice. I haven't heard of anything regarding the Hannspree.

19-Nov-2007 Poorya: Hey,im looking to get this tv for my room, i was just wandering if it is a bit big? the thing is i would also like to take this tv with me to university next year and there i will be living in a small room as well.. so is a 32" too big and is a 26" more ideal for me? Cheers

buyitdirect: This would depend on the size of the room itself, as you say you are moving to somewhere smaller i would recommend the 26 as it would give a better picture quality for a smaller room.

13-Dec-2007 Jay: What HD resolution is this Tv? 720 or 1080? Would you go for the Hannspree or Finlux.

buyitdirect: It accepts an input format 720p and 1080i

Main Product Comments, Questions and Answers

13-Dec-2007 pete: is this the best all round tv for around 400 pounds??

buyitdirect: Within the 32 inch size bracket I would say that yes.

2-Jan-2008 Happy New Year: What's the current availability for this set?

buyitdirect: in stock

5-Jan-2008 rory: what is the highest display format for the finlux 32in hd tv (this tv)

buyitdirect: 1080i

5-Feb-2008 Mikey: Hi i understand that the tv is 210mm in depth. Is this dimention from front to back as i have seen some lcd tv's that are 100mm. If so how far from the wall would the screen be once it is fitted to the wall bracket?

buyitdirect: this dimension includes the stand. the TV chasis is 130mm deep

4-Nov-2007 bri: is this suited to xbox 360 and is it wall mountable? thank you

buyitdirect: Yes.

29-Aug-2008 ronnie lad: hi guys,just bought a signal booster to rectify the problem.(comment 25th /8th).an inexpensive solution recieving more channels to i said before this is a great tv for the money.i would recommend finlux and direct quick question,will i recieve the years warranty straight from finlux.cheers,ronnie

buyitdirect: Thanks. You will receive warranty through us.

25-Dec-2007 redandy: can this tv be used as a pc/laptop monitor?

buyitdirect: yes it can

19-Nov-2007 andi c: how does finlux compare to other makes? e.g. samsung/philips?

buyitdirect: Outperforms Samsung, higher contrast ratio etc. best value for the spec

4-Nov-2007 bri: Is this TV wall mountable please

buyitdirect: Yes.

27-Dec-2007 Russ: what is the screen refresh rate 50 or 100 Hz?

buyitdirect: 50hz

13-Dec-2007 Pete: How come the price has come down from £429.99 to £399.99 if i came down to the shop could i get one for 399?

buyitdirect: If you come to our showroom then it would be the same price.

30-Dec-2007 Chris: How much would delivery be to the Channel Islands?

buyitdirect: you will need to call our sales team for a carriage quote

22-Dec-2007 ian: Hi does this have a 7 day epg

buyitdirect: I believe it has a 1 day epg.

19-Jan-2008 KeithW: I am looking for 32" HD LCD in the £400 - £550 range. For the price and spec this one looks excellent but brand is less well known. Considering this and Sony KDL 32S3000 and Panasonic TX32LMD70. I watch all TV through Sky - no gaming. Which would you recommend?

buyitdirect: the Finlux Looks better thatn the other 2. What you also have to bare in mind is that both the Sony & Panasonic models are only mid to low range in spec. You will be paying for a Brand name

27-Nov-2007 gg: is this suited to playstation 3

buyitdirect: yes but you will have to set the resolution, on your ps3, to 1080i

12-Dec-2007 Sam: Final question: Which tv would you say is the best for gaming and all around use, the Hannspree 32 Inch LCD HD TV - JT01-32E2-000G or this tv?

buyitdirect: Finlux

10-Jan-2008 robbie d: well i have just bought the tv thinking it has pip and it hasnt so it is no good to me as i wanted pip.what possible answer can u post as i willl still b in the same situation

buyitdirect: this function is in all the Finlux specs and our rep was under the imperssion that it has the function. This issue has been taken up with the factory for clarification

12-Aug-2008 RJCMANUTD94: This supports 720p as well right? And which would you recommend i get.This TV or the Samsung LE32A 559 / 558 P4FXXU or Sony KDL-32W4000? I'm also not sure whether to go for Sony as its more expensive if needs repairing.And i've seen someone on a website say the Samsung hurried up what the person was watching and it was soemtimes blurry.

buyitdirect: the Finlux supports 720p but isn't a 1080p panel like the others you're looking at. If you're looking at the 5 series Samsung against the Sony, then is ti worth 200pounds more, then possibly not

29-Dec-2007 paul: does this tv support full hd i mean 1080p

buyitdirect: no its only 1080i

25-Feb-2008 Fitz: I am looking at both this and the Philips 32PFL5522D. For the £30 difference would you recommend the philips?

buyitdirect: yes go fo r the Philips

2-Feb-2008 Nick: Hello - I am looking at this for the Office for Presentations and TV. In your opinion is this one of the better budget LCD's as previous budgets ones I looked it didn't have such a great picture. Thanks

buyitdirect: it is one of the better budget sets. I would look at either Teco or Finlux

10-Dec-2007 Emsi: Just a quick question, I'm looking at buying a new LCD TV, just wondering if this TV will still work after the Digital Switch Over. Thanks

buyitdirect: yes as it is a digital TV

2-Jan-2008 Salvo: What TV would you say is better out of this and the Samsung LE32R87BDX for use with xbox 360? Thanks

buyitdirect: probably the Samsung purely because it has a greater number of connections on the TV

11-Jan-2008 NH: what is the difference between picture in picture and picture and picture?does the pip/pap work on this TV?

buyitdirect: this function is in all the Finlux specs and our rep was under the imperssion that it has the function. This issue has been taken up with the factory for clarification

6-Jan-2008 wicked: is this tv in stock and if so will it be in stock on the 19th of january

buyitdirect: yes it is in stock, as for the 19th it all depends on how many we sell at current run rates possibly not

12-Oct-2007 FecKeRD: Is that Contrast Ratio right?

buyitdirect: yes why?

14-Oct-2007 SAJSO: Where I can get more onfi about this LCD? There is NO info about this TV ON ITERNET!!!??? THNX

buyitdirect: yes visit

8-Jan-2008 Ash: this tv and other cheaper lcd tv's have 50hz refresh rate. so how does this effect gaming in 60hz(NTSC) as games should be played. Are there any cheap lcd tv's with 60hz?

buyitdirect: It wont make any noticeable difference, LCD TVs are much better at displaying lower refresh rates than CRT sets were.

10-Jan-2008 robbie d: on the spec it says it has (pip) yet it will not work on the tv when have i tried.i have known a few tvs what say it has pip but then dosent work.

buyitdirect: we have raised this with the manufacturer as they say it should show picture in picture. As soon as we have an answer it will be posted

5-Jan-2008 jen: Is it possible to continue using my exisiting freeview box that has a built in hard drive with this TV?

buyitdirect: of course you can

7-Jul-2008 lynchy: Is the wall bracket supplied a low profile one if not how far would the tele be from the wall

buyitdirect: the bracket is 2 pieces of steel to fix to the Tv & 2 to the wall. will probably stand about 1.5" of f the wall

4-Jul-2008 Bolts: Just received this TV, excellent specifications for the price, free wall bracket. Nice looking to boot. Would recommend!

8-Jan-2008 Geoff: sorry just noticed you dont have 37inch tvs at a similar price so which 32inch tv would you recommend as having the best quality but costing no more than 400 pounds? maybe about 380 pounds?

buyitdirect: we have JT02-37E2-000G 37 inch Hannspree back in stock at 399.97

11-Dec-2007 Sam: would the picture be sharp if i wired this up to my xbox360 using a component cable?

buyitdirect: yes but you need to make sure your xbox is set to 1080i

25-Aug-2008 ronnie lad: recieved this lcd last week and it looks great.great picture and the srs surround gives it some oomph!!.one problem i have encountered is i have to retune the channels every day because i lose all signals except bbc ones.this did not happen with my 20 quid set top integrated freeview a weaker signal.if so,how do i rectify it?.

buyitdirect: Integrated can have a waker signal. The first thing to do is to get an aerial engineer to check your allignment and signal strength as it ma need tweeking

26-Jan-2008 gez.: just bought this tv today.and would like to say its a wow for the price.and great service from the staff.would reccomend both.

buyitdirect: thanks for the comments

4-Jan-2008 cuzzo: Hi does this tv support 1366 x 768 pc resolution with 1:1 pixel mapping over the HDMI port. and does it also support a full epg.

buyitdirect: yes

21-Dec-2007 draken: whats the difference between the image contrast ratio and the dynamic contrast the blacks look black or are they blue.which look horrible

buyitdirect: The higher the contrast ratio the more defined the colours are and so improve the number of colours seen.

15-Dec-2007 joe: Was the method of testing the contrast ratio used by Full On/Off Contrast or ANSI Contrast or don't you have any clue

buyitdirect: absolutley no idea, you will have to contact the manufacturers its their information

16-Oct-2007 ian: Hi does this tv support 1360x768 over the hdmi for pc use

buyitdirect: yes

23-Jan-2008 steve: got this for my mum, but picture/ pixels keep breaking up, also sound, already replaced one, this one still doing it, any advice? thanks

buyitdirect: what are you watching, Freeview or Sky? if it is Freeview check your aerial out as it could be bad reception. If it is a Sky box they suffer from static build up which causes pixelation and picture freeze (I get this with mine), plus the weather can cause this. If this is the case, you need to unplug the Sky box from the mains to allow the static to discharge.

19-Dec-2007 redandy: is the contrast ratio correct as i could not find this product of the manufacturers website?

buyitdirect: The 15000:1 contrast ratio is correct.

14-Dec-2007 Godhatch: Hi, how does this t.v stack up against the Sony KDL-32S3000 i'm looking into both of them just wondering which you would prefer.

buyitdirect: they look totally different the contrast is higher on the Finlux but the menu options are better on the Sony. all depends on how much you have to spend. They both perform very well and the Finlux looks better

14-Dec-2007 stormin: does this tv have ETPG

buyitdirect: EPG yes