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Looking for a TV with breakthrough picture quality and an ultra slim build thats also eco friendly? Step forward the new generation of LED TV's, the future of HD.

So, whats the difference between LCD TV and LED TV?

Well Up until now, LCD TVs used fluorescent tubes to light the TV screen. The only problem with that is the fluorescent tube is always on and as such some light leaks through to the front of the display, even when a part of the image is supposed to be black. This means image sharpness and depth can suffer as a result.

With LED TV technology embedded in the screen, the fluorescent tube is redundant and instead the picture is generated by either placing LEDs across the back of the display, or by placing LEDs just around the perimeter to complement the LCD display. Both techniques use less power than Plasma TVs and LCD TVs and with the latter, you get those super slim designs that look like a sheet of paper side on.

Does that mean LED TVs are better than a Plasma TV?

Although LED TVs can now claim to have improved LCD TVs when it comes to producing blacks, its not quite taken over from plasma when it comes to deep blacks and saturated colors, although power consumption is a lot better. The price of a LED TV, as its a new technology, can also be more prohibitive than a plasma TV at the moment.

LED TV Manufacturers

With Samsung, Sony, LG and a whole host of other manufacturers now producing LED TV's, this technology is at the forefront of HD TV's. Please check our selection below and don't hesitate to call our sales team on 0844 4124600 should you need more advice on which LED TV is right for you.


Here at Direct TVís we have a huge range of LG LED TVís in a variety of sizes and prices. LG LED TVís are ultra slim, expertly design and not only powerful but 40% more energy efficient than an LCD TV. The image quality of LG LED TVís is some of the ... [more]

Prices from £450.95 inc.VAT Find out more.


If you want to be at the forefront of innovation and experience the best in picture quality then take a look at our range of Samsung LED TVs. How does a Samsung LED TV differ from your standard LCD TV? Basically, the screen on an LCD TV is lit from ... [more]

Prices from £163.97 inc.VAT Find out more.

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