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Linx Digital Photo Frame

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This product is currently sold out. Please click below to find similar products or call our sales team on 0871 984 4420 for an equivalent model.

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The Linx Photoframe is the next generation in photo frames, with an 8" Full Colour TFT screen and stereo speakers. Just pop in your digital cameras memory card and the Linx will do the rest. It can either display your pictures as a slideshow or play MPEG videos in either portrait or landscape modes. You can even connect it to your PC and display all the pictures from your hard disk. If you like to show off your photos but dont want the clutter of lots of photo frames around the house, this product is ideal.

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  • Display screen: 8 inch high definition TFT display screen
  • Picture play back function: Zoom in & out, rotate function
  • Image enhanced: Chroma/Brightness/Acutance/Conrast adjustable
  • Screen Resolution: 720x480 pixels
  • Screen Brightness: 250nit
  • Screen Contrast ratio: 300:1
  • Card reader function: SD/MS/MS PRO/MMC card
  • Placed mode: Horizontal/Vertical
  • High quality Speakers: Built-in 2 x 1.5W stereo speakers
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 245 x 169 x 33.5mm

  • Playable picture format: JPEG
  • Playbale Audio files: MP3/WMA
  • Playable Video files: MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4
  • Multi-language: 8 kinds OSD Language

    Battery Operation
  • 2 hours max for a full charge
  • lasts 5 hours in picture mode
  • lasts 2 hours in video mode

  • USB 1.1
  • Video output jack: CVBS output
  • Audio output jack: Stereo output
  • Power supply: 1600mAh lithium battery or
  • AC adaptor Remote control: Full function remote control

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Comments, Questions and Answers

Expand/CollapseGeneral Feedback

9-May-2007 Brandon: Very good picture frame, high quality photos come out really nice, 100% haapy and a very good buy for the price.

buyitdirect: THanks. I thinks its the best on the market.

24-May-2007 Dave: Is the aspect ratio 4:3 or 16:9? I can't find this out anywhere!

buyitdirect: it will be nearer 16:9 as they are not set up like tvs

13-Nov-2007 Alexs Hepburn: Do you have to keep the camera card in the frame all the time, or can you down load the pictures onto the photo frame

buyitdirect: Yes it has to be run from the memory card

18-Nov-2007 Kevin Knight: Can you give me the exact external dimentions please. I have a specific location I want to put a digital frame in my touring caravan and this looks like the one if it will fit. Thanks

buyitdirect: it is 247mm x 170mm

25-Nov-2007 Simon S: Is there a maximum number of photos or memory this product can show?

buyitdirect: No as it works from a memory card, so you are only limited by your card size

25-Nov-2007 james: How slowly can this product rotate photos in playback mode?

buyitdirect: this info isn't known

25-Nov-2007 Rich: is the mains power adapter included in the package?

buyitdirect: yes it is

3-Jan-2008 Gadget: Does this product come with a remote control please, and how much are the postage costs? Thanks

buyitdirect: yes it does & postage should be £4.99

12-Feb-2008 Rachel: Can you set the photo frame to come on/off at a specific time each day. Can you programme the length of time photos are displayed for? Thanks

buyitdirect: you can vary the time the photos are shown and also have a static image, but there is a timer for switching on and off! you'll have to get one that plugs int to your wall socket

13-Feb-2008 Paul: Is there a time / Mb limit on video length this unit can play, or is it anything that will fit on the mem card?

buyitdirect: as big as the memory card

21-Feb-2008 David: Do you have to fiddle with the photo to make it fit the screen? i.e. do you need to crop it first or will the machine automatically do it for you?

buyitdirect: the photo frame will do it for you

24-Feb-2008 Shawn: I understand that the product has USB 1.1 connectivity. Can I use a USB flash drive to show / upload snaps / videos / MP3s to the product?

buyitdirect: Yes, you can use any USB 1.1 compatible flash drive with this device. Compatible formats are: JPEG, MP3/WMA, MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG4

3-Jun-2008 JM: Hello, Is it possible to start show just when I power it on (without pressing any button)? Regards,

buyitdirect: it should start from the last settings

2-Aug-2008 Simon: Does it have buttons on the top or side of the unit to control Next/Previous/Pause pic? Thanks. Simon.

buyitdirect: on the side

21-Nov-2008 Linx 8" battery operated diigital photo frame: Can you please tell me the battery life for the Linx 8" battery operated digital photo frame

sajidH: It lasts 5 hours in picture mode and 2 hours in video mode.

12-Jan-2009 lisa: If run off a USB memory stick, where does it plug is it visible from the front of the frame

jeremy: The USB is on the side. I have one at home and I don't notice my USB stick as it folds and is blocked by the frames edge

9-Feb-2009 Finlay: How is the battery charged?

jeremy: via mains

24-Feb-2009 Andy: When you connect this to your pc does it appear as a usb hard disk? If not what do you do with it when you connect it to your pc?

SteveF: You can plug your pc into this product as it has a usb port but you would need to leave it connected as their is no internal memory. The other option is to buy a memory stick or sd card, transfer your photos onto this as you would do normally and then leave that plugged in to display the pictures.

22-Dec-2009 Alan: How do you change or reset the transition styles between photographs.

jeremy: yes you can

28-Dec-2009 vince: after charging how long will it last, mine is new (xmas present) and it switches off after 45 minutes

jeremy: around 1 hour

27-Sep-2010 Malcolm: ive lost the ac power supply / is it possible to buy another

simon: Sorry we don't sell them

27-Sep-2010 Malcolm: ive lost the ac power supply / is it possible to buy another

simon: Sorry we don't sell them

3-Oct-2010 steveo: what is the max capacity of sd memory cards and usb

simon: SD cards go up 128GB and USB memory sticks go up to at least 32GB

19-Oct-2010 john: My Photo frame on screen says that the card is empty when i insert a usb. when switched on and insert usb it says disc not supported ?

jeremy: You need to check the format of the images

Expand/CollapseBuying Advice

18-Nov-2007 Steve-H: Does this unit have the option of being powered by mains? Is the power adapter included?

buyitdirect: Yes this can be mains powered with the AC adapter.

21-Nov-2007 DAVID H BROWN: Can this product read xD cards, either directly or via my card reader and USB connection?

buyitdirect: No it only accepts SD/MS/MS PRO/MMC memory cards and doesn't offer USB connectivity for card readers.

28-Nov-2007 dave: Referring to the 19:9 ratio, will photos of say for example square shape be stretched or will they be displayed with a border ?

buyitdirect: I cant see where the ratio specification is in the product summary however the resolution is 720 x 480 and so will display images in a traditional picture format.

28-Nov-2007 dave: Referring to the 19:9 ratio, will photos of say for example square shape be stretched or will they be displayed with a border ?

buyitdirect: they will display with a border. you can change the aspect ratio on the screen. the 16:9 is just incase you have shot anything widescreen, i.e. digital movie footage

28-Nov-2007 dave: I cannot see anywhere on the web page where I can order goods. It tells me my basket is empty how do I fill that basket?

buyitdirect: Please click on the "Buy" button to add to your basket, it is located next to the price.

Expand/CollapseDelivery and availability

5-Dec-2007 Ed: will it work in the U.S. & whta would shipping cost & time be? I live in Georgia

buyitdirect: Unfortunately we do not ship to the USA