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Samsung LE32R87BDX 32 Inch HD Ready LCD TV

Sold Out

This product is currently sold out. Please click below to find similar products or call our sales team on 0871 984 4420 for an equivalent model.

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Trusted Reviews say: "Right from the off the price/quality equation just doesn’t seem to make sense. The TV’s sumptuous high gloss finish, minimal fascia and subtle but telling curves all belong on a premium TV, not one priced at the ‘bargain basement’ level."...""an all-round package that represents truly outstanding value for money"

We say: Big Brand, even bigger on features, small on price. Just landed at Direct TVs and at this price wont be around long.

Digital Freeview Tuner, and not two but THREE HDMI ports youd better grab one quick!

  • 32inch Widescreen LCD Panel
  • 450cd/m2 Brightness
  • 8000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
  • 1366x768 Screen Resolution
  • 8ms Response Time
  • 178°/178° Viewing Angle
  • DNIe LCD Technology
  • Wide Colour Enhancer
  • HD Ready
  • Freeview
  • 1000 page Teletext
  • Remote Control
  • SRS TruSurround XT
  • 2 x 10 watt Integrated Stereo Speakers

  • 1 x RF
  • 2 x HDMI
  • 2 x Scart Connection
  • 1 x Component In
  • 1 x S-Video
  • 1 x PC/VGA In
  • 1 x RCA Audio Input
  • 1 x Optical Digital Audio Out
  • 1 x Headphones Connection

    Wall Mounting
  • Wall Mountable: Yes
  • Spacing: 200 x 200mm
  • See Recommended Accessories for suitable brackets

  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 800x252x580mm
  • Package Dimensions (WxHxD): 914x193x743mm
  • Weight : 13.1kg
  • Warranty: 1 Year on-site

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Comments, Questions and Answers

Expand/CollapseGeneral Feedback

28-Apr-2007 Nathan Burzio: Is the standard 1 year warranty with your company or with the manufacturer, and if a problem occured who would I have to send it back to?

buyitdirect: The standard warranty is with the manufacturer, we can offer warranty extensions if you wish. If anything goes wrong, under distance trading, you should contact us in the first instance

2-May-2007 jack: is this screen wall mountable

buyitdirect: yes it is. I would reccomend our bracket FL1, as it is fully universal

23-May-2007 Nick: whats the main difference between the L332R87BDX and LE32R74BDX models?

buyitdirect: Hore HDMI connections slight styling difference

27-May-2007 vicky: is this tv 450cd/m2 Brightness as stated on the product desc or 550 cd/m2 as stated on the detaied spec ? thanks

buyitdirect: the brightness is 450cd/m. The detailed spec is an auto upload from an industry website & the detail is wrong

31-May-2007 Jon8368: Do you deliver to BFPO addresses in Northern Island?

buyitdirect: we can deliver to northern Ireland but you will have to ring our sales team for a price

2-Jun-2007 Ian: When analogue TV is shut down, will this TV function fully

buyitdirect: Yes it will as it has a digital tv tuner built in

13-Jun-2007 dprc: Do these new samsungs also use the S-PVA panels found in the earlier versions?

buyitdirect: there is currently no information to confirm which panel this has in

16-Jun-2007 Matt Jackson: How easy is it to add extra external speakers to this TV? Do you need a separate amplifer, or will they work directly from the optical port?

buyitdirect: speakers won't work directly off an optical port. You would need to have an amp of some description

20-Jun-2007 lipa90: Hi what is the difference between LE32R87BDX and LE32R88BDX? thanks

buyitdirect: cosmetic only, The on off button is in a different place. the R88 was done for highstreet retailers

20-Jun-2007 Margaret: Does this model come with freeview channels?

buyitdirect: yes it does

21-Jun-2007 Tony: Display Format 720p, how come it says this i thought this is 1080i? and if i use this for playstation 3 will it support 1080i.

buyitdirect: this will support up to 1080i

30-Jun-2007 jcp: Please advise how far I need to be to full benefit what the TV has to offer?

buyitdirect: about 9 feet

4-Jul-2007 Sam Hughes: I've borrowed my mums Samsung LCD TV, which is basically the same as this one but smaller, however i cant get my skybox to work on it. If i was to get one for myself, would this be a problem i'd be able to get resolved?

buyitdirect: there should'nt be any problem in connecting Sky, as it connects via SCART. Either your Sky box is faulty or your mothers TV

4-Jul-2007 Jon Meehan: Does this model have fasttext and does it have the facility to swap screen sizes when watching certain films ,tv etc?

buyitdirect: yes it does

9-Jul-2007 steve: bought this a few weeks ago from you, even by turning it off on the switch, the red light stays on, also you can turn it on by the remote control, we dont want to leave it on standby, is only the other way to turn it off is by the mains?

buyitdirect: Sorry but the only way to turn off the standby is by switching off at the mains

10-Jul-2007 suggy: is this tv ok for my ps3 and xbox 360?

buyitdirect: yes it is

14-Jul-2007 Hanish Dubb: can you connect this TV to a computer base? if so by what connections and what cables would it require?

buyitdirect: you can connect via the 15 pin pc input. you will need a standard vga monitor cable

21-Jul-2007 marra: hi does this tv have the 3 hdmi slots reason i ask is in the pictures it looks like there are 2 on the back and 1 on the side, thanks

buyitdirect: thats right it has 3, 2 on the back & 1 on the side

24-Jul-2007 danfish: what is the static contrast ratio of this tv?

buyitdirect: Samsung do not list the standard contrast ratios, only dynamic

24-Jul-2007 bab: does this TV come with stand?

buyitdirect: it comes with its standard pedestal stand

4-Aug-2007 paul: how many hdmi ports does this tv acturrely have because at one point you say its got 2 in the product summary but then in the technical specification you say its got 3 hdmi ports

buyitdirect: 3 2 on the rear 1 on the side

6-Aug-2007 cardem: which is better LE32R87BDX or LE32M86BD?

buyitdirect: M86 as it is 100hz so refeshes quicker

8-Aug-2007 Jonathan: I bought this tv from u on saturday and collected it today i was very impressed with the service and price however upon getting the tv home on black screens or play parts of the picture along a certain vertical line toward the left of the tc some of the pixels flicker red but are not constantly this way what is your advice?

buyitdirect: Check your connections to make sure your SCARTS are in properly, on both the tv & whatever is plugged in. If it still does it, contact customer services for a replacement

26-Aug-2007 ML: Does this have a black high gloss finish?

buyitdirect: yes

31-Aug-2007 Joe: Why does the TV turn itself back on after it has been on standby for a while?

buyitdirect: because you may have a connected device that is still switched on

4-Sep-2007 Paul.: You mentioined connecting this TV to a computer via a standard VGA cable. If you do this what is the screen resolution likely to be, will you see a blocky 1024x768 display? Or does it do something clever? (support higher resolution?) My PC's video card is a GeForce 7500LE, which I'm informed has DVI, S-Video, VGA I/O connectors, would VGA be the best/only option to use with this TV? Thanks

buyitdirect: thats down to your graphics card

18-Sep-2007 Garth: Do you have one of these on display at your shop?

buyitdirect: No but if you want to look at one its not a problem

24-Sep-2007 Conway: How is the Reliability with the Samsungs? Im considering this or the Sony TV.

buyitdirect: personally, I would go for Sony from a quality point of view

29-Sep-2007 mark: I know this can be used with the FL1 bracket, but what Vesa is this tv? 75, 100 or 200? Thanks

buyitdirect: they have changed the spec so should be Vesa 200

13-Nov-2007 Roger Mitchell: My TV has just started to state MODE NOT SUPPORTED when I select HDMI. Up until now it has worked correctly when connected to my LG DVD. I have had both the HDMI lead and the DVD checked and they are both OK. Whats the problem?

buyitdirect: it may be a firmware issue. you need to contact Samsung

13-Nov-2007 theammer: What is the difference between the R87BD and this TV the R87BDX

buyitdirect: none same tv

3-Dec-2007 johnmex: Hi does only samsung only have problems with DVD players,Firmware issues,And what is firmware ?+ wich is better for just watching normal TV or DVDs,HD ready or full HD,thanks.

buyitdirect: what has lead you to believe that Samsung have problems playing DVDs? Firmware is a program for improving the performance of chipsets. as for TV and DVDs, get the best according to the signal source you are watching

13-Dec-2007 Dean Arthur: What is the difference between the Samsung LE32R87BDX and Samsung LE-32R82BX? many thanks

buyitdirect: the R82BX is a european spec TV ( not for the UK market) and does not have a digital TV tuner. If anyone is selling this in the UK watch out!

14-Dec-2007 mrmajor: What has the better picture...this samsung or 37 inch 1080p Finlux?

buyitdirect: the Finlux by a mile

17-Dec-2007 Dan: What is the difference between LE32R87BD and LE32R87BDX? Thanks.

buyitdirect: None, same TV

29-Dec-2007 Daniel: I need a hdv wich had a dvi input, does this tv have it? if not could you recamend any that you have that do have a dvi connection please

buyitdirect: no modern TV has a DVI input, why do you need it?

31-Dec-2007 Benps3: I bought a playstation 3 in canada and i have been told i need a 1080i tv will this tv do?

buyitdirect: this is a 1080i set

13-Jan-2008 Nathan: Which of these 3 tv's would you recommend for price and performance? Samsung LE32R87BDX, Phillips 32PFL5522D or the Panasonic TX-32LXD69A

buyitdirect: I would go for the Philips as it is at a special purchase price. Itwould normally be around £100 more

16-Jan-2008 mahdi: What is the difference between 32R88 and 32R81? and Which of these 2 tv's would you recommend for price and performance? (Samsung 32R88 - LG 32LB9) Thanks

buyitdirect: theres no such model as R81. the differnce between R88 & R87 is the position of the power button. Thr R88 has been made specifically for the DSG group Have you been looking on AVFORUMS?

22-Jan-2008 Mahdi: Thanks for your attentions. What would you think about Samsung 32 R series and Sony 32 V series (Price and Performance)? I think finally Samsung is the best choise. Is that right?

buyitdirect: Sony Don't do a 32V. if you could afford, go for the KDL32D3000U, 100hz excellent quality otherwise I would go for the Philips 32PFL5522D. these have been bought on a special deal & would normally be about £70 dearer. The only problem with the Samsung is that they do have a tendancy to suffer from faulty Freeview digital tuners, but they do have the best connectivity

12-Feb-2008 Vince: Is the LE32R87BDX the same as the LE32R87BD as I have seen on other sites? If they are different, what is the difference?

buyitdirect: same product just missed the X off the end of the code

13-Feb-2008 scotty: what tv is better this 1 or the Toshiba 32C3035DB?

buyitdirect: The samsung has more HDMI ports but they are both about the same technical spec

13-Feb-2008 tv_noob: Hi, on the specs list it says 2 hdmi poets but the description says 3? also does this come with game mode? thanks.

buyitdirect: it hjas 2 on the back & 1 on the side

7-Mar-2008 Miles Gibson: Hi What are the main differences between the Samsung LE32R87BDX and the LE32R83BX And what one is better ? thanks

buyitdirect: the 83BX is a european model with no freeview, watch out what you're buying. Thr R87 is UK model obviously the one to buy

25-Mar-2008 Miles Gibson: What is the difference bettween this and the 37 inch 1080p Finlux it says above the picture quality on the Finlux is better but what one would you buy

buyitdirect: the samsung is a standard resolution set the finlux is full 1080p. value for money, go for the Finlux

9-Apr-2008 wardy: Would you recommend this TV over the 37" Teco? I am not very knowlegable re TV's and am buying this for my nephew at his new house. Would like to know which is a better purchase?

buyitdirect: If you want to impress, go for the Samsung although the new Teco does look very similar and comes with a 3 year warranty

10-Apr-2008 alfiescruff: Bought and received this tv yesterday and connected up. Currently only using analogue signal until I get Sky fitted. Not expecting any improved picture quality until then. However really concerned about the sound quality. The unit has to be set to such a low volume level that it is inaudible otherwwise there is vibration and distortion. Is this a fault? or a setting issue?

buyitdirect: I think it is a setting issue. It could also be due to the strength of your analogue signal. Samsung are not renowned for the quality of their speakers, any issues are usually with them beiong underpowered and have to be turned up quite high

13-Apr-2008 Pete: Has this model got PIP and/or PAP ? Thanks

buyitdirect: This TV features Picture-in-Picture.

Expand/CollapseBuying Advice

1-Nov-2007 ron: does this model come with a swivel base?

buyitdirect: Yes it does have a swivel base.

20-Dec-2007 Mark: Hi, I'm looking for a decent 32" LCD TV. I just want to watch telly (no gaming or things like that) but want to be as future proof as possible (HD, HDMI, dig tuner). The Samsung LE32R87BDX looks good, but I've heard positive things about the Finlux 32FLD760 and various Sony models. Considering picture and sound quality, reliability, looks etc etc which would you recommend? Any advice gratefully received. Thanks.

buyitdirect: The samung television was awarded 5 stars in what hi-fi magazine and is a very good television. The finlux is also a very good television and offers a higher contrast ratio than the samsung. Both televisions have digital tuners and so are ready for the digital switchover, they all have lots of various connections for connecting other devices.

Expand/CollapseDelivery and availability

5-Nov-2007 Jodie: Do you have this Samsung LE32R87BDX TV and the black glass stand at £540.97 currently in stock and is this a long term offer? Thanks.

buyitdirect: Yes we do have these in stock.

16-Dec-2007 James: Is the postage and packing included in the price? and is the £479.97 the final pricei will have to pay if i buy this tv. Will this still be available at this price after christmas?

buyitdirect: Please see our FAQ page for delivery options and rates.