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Finlux 26inch HD Ready LCD Television 26FLD745 26FLD745

Quickfind code: 128309

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Product Information

Free Wall Bracket worth £50 if bought before June 30th 2007

This is our cheapest HD-Ready TV with built in Freeview. This means as well as having HD Ready capabilities you will also be Digital Compatible when the change-over occurs.

At under £300 this is a bargain not to be missed. We will sell out before the end of June.

  • 26" Widescreen LCD
  • 500cd/m2 Brightness
  • 8ms Response Time (perfect for Sports, Action and Gaming)
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 1366x768 Screen Resolution
  • HD Ready
  • Freeview and Analogue TV Tuner
  • Dolby Virtual Surround with stereo speakers
  • 178 degrees viewing angle
  • 1000 Page Fastext
  • Remote Control

  • 1 x HDMI
  • 1 x RF
  • 2 x Scart Connection
  • 2 x Composite In
  • 1 x Component In
  • 1 x S-Video In
  • 1 x PC/VGA In
  • 1 x Headphones Connection

  • Dimensions (WxHxD) : 685 x 525 x 225mm
  • Weight : 12Kg
  • Warranty : 1 year

The wall bracket will be included automatically in your order - it wont show in the basket.


Questions & Answers

27/06/2007 Deano: I have a XP PC with a standard VGA port (currently connected to a 19" monitor). Can I plug a lead between the T and the PC and effectively get a large monitor (onlyt want 1024x768 res.)?

Easycom: yes you can use this as a monitor

27/06/2007 Andy: I want to connect my Sky Link to an LCD TV but it uses an RF/aerial connection. Few LCD TV's come with this connection but I think this does. Can you confirm this?

Easycom: Every TV comes with an RF aerial connection, this is the standard aerial connection for all tvs

30/05/2007 Neil D: What, if any, are the built in speakers like, ie mono / stereo, output etc

Easycom: this product is now sold out

29/05/2007 Stu: I notice you say it is not good enough to work with an Xbox 360, how good is the picture quality/compatibility for a Play Station 2?

Easycom: Should be fine with PS2

27/05/2007 SteveD: Im currently on the lookout for a HDTV, but i was wondering what quality the Freeview Receiver is on this model.


Easycom: the freeview reciever, in this tv, will recieve all freeview channels, as long as you aerial can recieve them

26/05/2007 DragonQ: Two more questions: are either of the SCART sockets RGB-enabled? And also, is the HDMI port HDCP Compliant?

Easycom: THe Scarts are full SCart & the HDMI Port is HDCP compliant

26/05/2007 DragonQ: Does this TV support 480p, 576p, 720p or 1080i through the Component ports, or just through the HDMI port? Also, is the bracket still freely included?

Easycom: A tv with 1366x768 resolution, will suport up to 1080i through either the HDMi port or component

25/05/2007 philip: my previous question was can the tv be turned off. you replied yes. further Question if you turn it off via the on/off switch. does this mean you have set the tv up every time you switch it back on via the on/off switch. this is important, as my previous purchase of a samsung did exaclty that! thats why it went back!

Easycom: Once it has been set up, even if you unplug it it won't need setting back up

06/05/2007 dave: i am looking for a tv to play my xbox 360 on will this tv's picture quality be up to par?if not can you suggest any other tv's in this price range?

Easycom: Not realy. You won't get a TV around that price thats suitable for Xbox. Your best option would be Samsung but it will cost about £120 more.

05/05/2007 D: Is there a reason the product has gone up in price overnight by £20?

Easycom: It was a small batch that cost us more money

04/05/2007 Andy: Just bought this TV this week. Just like to say I think its a fantastic buy at £299. Im totally delighted with it , thanks.

Easycom: Thanks Andy

03/05/2007 mick: the dimensions sem quite bi for a 26" TV. I am trying to get an LCD that will fit into a space 750mm x 570mm maximum, is it possible to remove the stand so that this TV will fit in my cabinet..

Easycom: the dimensions on the web are wrong, looks like we've put the box dimensions down. I've just measured one and the demensions are as follows:- W685mmxH525mmxD225mm. These measurements include the stand. Hope this helps

03/05/2007 Rob: Got this product from yourselves, very happy apart from one question. I have selected Ext 2 to output DTV and connected that into my PVR. Does this TV output an RGB only signal via this scart or can this be amended to non RGB? or should i use another connection as my PVR in scart is not RGB compat.

Easycom: The Spec sheets shows both scarts as being full scart sockets so it should be OK. I would connect it, turn it on & seach via the AV button

01/05/2007 Dave Goodson: If i buy this tv with the contempory table will i still get the free wall mount?

Easycom: Yes you do, the wall mount is actually in the box with the TV

30/04/2007 philip: what is finlux,s customer support like ie; if the product fails under warranty what would be the proceedure

Easycom: The procedure is to contact Directtvs & we will deal with the manufacturer direct

27/04/2007 Rogue Shadow: What resolution does this TV support? Better still is it progresive scan? 720p,1080i? Is this a limmited stock item or will you be restocking?

Easycom: This TV supports 720p or 1080i (720 progressive 1080 interlaced). this is a limited offer which should last another 2 weeks (depends how quickly they sell)

26/04/2007 Dan: What is the depth of this TV without the stand attached please?
Thank you

Easycom: the depth is 12cm without the stand

26/04/2007 Dan: Does this TV have standard VESA standard wall mounting capability for use with an existing bracket? If so what size - 100x100? 100x200?

Easycom: the holes are 400x200. this is a standard size for 32"! so I would reccomend our universal bracket FL1 which covers all mid size TV's up to 32"

25/04/2007 philip: can you switch this tv off or does it do like most others and go into standby mode. reason? if we are trying to reduce carbon levels why cant most modern tv-s be turned off! if not do you have any models that actually turn off?

Easycom: All the TVs can be turned off however the remote control can only be used to switch TVs between stand by and on.

24/04/2007 H: 1. With regard to the wall mount bracket being "4 pieces of metal" - do I assume correctly that the wall brackets need to be on a flush (flat) surface and can not be used to mount the TV across a corner of a room?
2. What is the height without the stand please?

Easycom: Correct re the bracket. The chassis height is 51cm

24/04/2007 Dan: Hello
Please could you confirm the depth of the product without stand? If purchased I will be mounting this TV on the wall behind a sliding door so only have a limited depth front to back.
Also, can you confirm the type of wall mounting required? Is it VESA 100x100? 200x100? 200x200? I know a mount is supplied but I already have an existing bracket in place.
Thankyou very much for your help.

Easycom: The depth of this is 12cm. The mounting holes are 400x200, which you would normally see on 32" TV's.
This does come with a basic wall bracket in the box, but I would reccomned our universal small bracket FL1, which covers all smallsize Tv's up to 32".

23/04/2007 Anna: Is the tv auto install?

Easycom: Yes the TV is easy to install and setup

23/04/2007 Vicky: Are you still doing the free wall bracket?

Easycom: It comes with the bracket in the box

21/04/2007 Stan: what is the Hz refresh rate

Easycom: THis is 50hz. Most LCD TV's are 50hz. Some of the New models being released will be 100hz, but they will be the high spec major brands.

19/04/2007 Steve: what is the total height including the stand?

Easycom: 665mm

19/04/2007 Steve: Can you give a precise delivery day so I can be at home for it?

Easycom: If you ring up the sales team they can organise an am or pm delivery, obviously this will cost more

18/04/2007 Alex: is there a phone number or website i could use to get in contact with finlux?

Easycom: the website is

18/04/2007 Shahb: Do you have a picture of the wall bracket?

Easycom: Sorry we don't. The free bracket is 4 pieces of steel, 2 to mount to the TV & 2 to mount to the wall

18/04/2007 Stuart, St.A.: Does it have the red/yellow/white cable ports that would enable it to be used with a Nintendo Wii system?

Easycom: yes it does

17/04/2007 Lee: Can you please confirm that this TV has PIP (picture in picture) and PAP (picture and picture)?

Easycom: Yes it has both picture in picture, and, picture and picture.
This TV comes with both an analogue & digital TV tuner

17/04/2007 wil: the contrast ratio is only 1000:1 , is it still a good quality hd television, is it worth buying if you want good quality

Easycom: this is a standard contrast ratio. A lot of manufacturers quote a "dynamic contrast ratio" which is enhanced. you will probably find that their standard ratios are around 1000:1.

This Tv represents exeptional value for money. It will nothave all the functions of a Panasonic or Sony, but then you're not paying nearly £700 for it.

The factory where these are made manufacture for a lot of tha major brands, so use components common in these.

16/04/2007 Trixter: Why is the depth 27cm? Is this the stand or just the tv unit?

Easycom: This measurement is for the stand. We always put the maximum measurement because most people want to make sure it will fit on their stand.

15/04/2007 Lee: I have never heard of finlux before, can you tell me if the quality of this TV can compete with a world known brand i.e. samsung? Is the quality just as goog? Finally, is the wall bracket fixed or can it be tilted? Thanks

Easycom: Finlux is an old established brand sold mainly in Scandinavia, & used in the UK for rental through Martin Dawes.
The LCD panels used in this TV, comes from one of the 4 major LCD plants in the world, so although, it doesn't say, & can't say it has a Samsung panel, the manufacturers use the same factory.
There will be technology differences between the Finlux & other major brands, hence the price difference, but nothing major & probably not enough to warrant the big price differences between them.

The bracket that it comes with is a fixed, flat fitting mount.

14/04/2007 karl: what type of wall bracket is it
tilting, can you turn it or just a flat wall panel???????

Easycom: A tilt bracket only moves up or down & not side to side.

13/04/2007 good-y: Why is it so cheap?

Easycom: We bought in bulk and got a great deal. It is now our fastest selling TV - it is brand new, UK spec.

13/04/2007 Good-y: does it come with a free Hdmi cable

Easycom: No it doesn't but we have a very reasonably priced cable, CAB0001, for £19.97

13/04/2007 Finlux 26" HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview: IS this TV wall mountable?

Easycom: Yes it can be wall mounted. It includes a free mounting bracket. But this offer is limited.

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